Shout-out to the Indies!

Video games are such an interesting medium. Years ago, conversation about independently developed games was not a thing. The only way to get a game out was if you had the resources to manufacture, complete, and publish it. However, in recent years, so many games have been able to see the light of day because of digital stores. In addition to that, indies also have a real shot of being commercial successes through the internet’s many avenues of exposure. Heck, even one-person teams can end up getting financial backing for a project, like what happened with Yang Bing after he shared a demo of his creation Lost Soul Aside, a third person hack and slash with a Japanese aesthetic reminiscent of Final Fantasy XV. You can watch footage of the game here: <;. Along with Lost Soul Aside, there are three other games on my radar that I can’t wait to play.


Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude is a third person exploration game where you assume the role of Kay, a girl who turned into a monster as a manifestation of her loneliness. Going through the game will show the player exactly why she turned into a monster and how she can return back to being a human. The game is being developed by a German studio Jo-Mei (“ho-may”) Games with backing from EA Originals. The studio was created by Cornelia Geppert who gave a great presentation of what the game is and why it came about; you can see it here: <;. What caught my attention the most about SoS was its concept. It is unabashedly a game about negative human emotions and the journey to finding an emotional balance. The game looks good as well. The aesthetic is great and the exploration appears meaningful.



Indivisible is one of those games that catch your eye off of pure aesthetic. The look, the fluidity in the moves, and the expertly designed characters result in a game that you would definitely want to try if given the chance. This game has actually been in development for quite a while. The Indivisible Prototype Beta was released to the public all the way back in November of 2015, but after three and a half years, the team is sure to have made many improvements since then. Indivisible is a turn-based RPG being developed by LabZero. It features Ajna, a girl who sets out on a grand journey and meets new heroes along the way. Even if you are not into turn-based games, this game may be a good introduction to the genre. It looks to be true to what it is and will undoubtedly keep you in awe all the way through.


The Pathless

The Pathless is from the creators of Abzu and made its debut during The Game Awards last December. The main draw of this game, besides the striking visuals, is motion. As an archer, you are running through a forest with amazing grace and speed as you hunt corrupted spirits alongside your eagle companion. From the trailer, it is hard to tell whether the game is going to be “on-rails” or if you’ll have a free range of movement. However, the game description talks about exploration and puzzle solving, so that is making me lean more toward the latter. Besides some job postings, the team has not given any more details on the project. We are just going to have to wait and see for more details.

I am very much anticipating getting to play each one of these games. None of them have a specific release date yet, but I have no problem waiting.  What indie games are you particularly thrilled about? Are they any of the ones I mentioned? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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