Acknowledging Excellence Regardless Of Platform & Genre

Having preference is a natural consequence of being human. Your upbringing, friends, personality, etc. all culminate into a taste for entertainment that is truly unique. Still, it is commonplace for gamers to categorize themselves based on their gaming platform of choice. I classify myself as a PlayStation/Nintendo person that prefers third person action. Wrapping yourself in a video game blanket you have etched out for yourself is cozy, but there is much more excellence in the gaming world to discover. Acknowledging crowning achievements is an act that perpetuates worthwhile conversation. We are in need of this in the world in general, but this discussion will be tailored around games and the companies that make said games.

Why Do We Fanboy/Fangirl?

Fanboying or fangirling is an extension of human preference. You were fortunate enough to have a moving experience with a game and/or gaming company that had a significant impact on your life. For me, it was Nintendo’s series of legendary Mario games and PlayStation’s outstanding 3D action/adventure games starting from Crash Bandicoot all the way to God of War on the PS4. We hold our experiences with a game to such a high standard, making it easy to downplay other excellent games and overly chastise mediocre ones. However, resisting the urge to have this mindset opens up a whole new exciting world of games while inviting others to do the same.

Crowning Achievements of Each Major Platform

First, let us start with the systems as a whole working our way through PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, PC, and Mobile. PlayStation has absolutely nailed the single-player gaming space, leading the charge for breathtaking visuals and visceral storytelling. Nintendo has been the forerunner of innovation through their consoles and games. Microsoft introduced seamless multiplayer back in the original Xbox days and is constantly looking to refine console hardware and accessibility. PC has cultivated an online ecosystem conducive to the customer, and mobile, slowly but surely, is unlocking the potential of quality mobile gaming.

In the current video game environment, PlayStation and Nintendo have been given a lot of media attention for their excellent games. Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are just the quick highlights. Although Xbox has been lacking in excellent games based on critical reception, we must remember their not so distant past. They introduced a master class first-person shooter series in Halo and revolutionized third-person cover shooting with Gears of War. The Xbox 360 was also home to Lost Odyssey, an excellent jrpg by Mr. Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series. Lately, they have published a side-scroller by the name of Cuphead that is a marvel both in graphics and design. They’ve also released one of the best racing games ever in Forza Horizon 4. PC is home to brilliant multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and strategy RPGs and mobile developers use their platform’s unique interface to create one-of-a-kind games like Florence.

What Can We Feasibly Do as Gamers to Appreciate as Many Games as Possible?

If time and money were unlimited resources, then we could live the dream and play everything under the sun. However, since that is not an option, it is important to primarily play the games that you enjoy. Every once in a while, I believe it is in your best interest to branch out of your comfort zone and try a new genre. In doing so, you’ll have the chance to see if the new gameplay mechanics or aesthetic is something you really like. This will make your lifelong gaming experience all the more fulfilling by potentially interacting with new people and appreciating a wider range of interactive art. What game have you admired from afar but never made the plunge to experience yourself? What video game genre do you wish to eventually understand and/or enjoy? Let’s discuss it in the comments.


I do not own the images in this article.

Images retrieved from E3 Nintendo Press Kit, Xbox Media Share, Uncharted Media Gallery, and Larian Studios Press Kit

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