Warframe on Switch Is Actual Sorcery

Warframe 3.png

Warframe just came out on the Switch a few days ago, and it is a surprisingly well-done port. Although the game came out in 2013, the game is seriously fast-paced with ton of particle effects. To think that the Switch’s power is comparable to an optimized high-end smartphone processor and is able to make the game not only playable but also enjoyable is an astounding feat. The developers in charge of making the port are from Panic Button who were also in charge of making ports for the latest Doom game, Rocket League, and Wolfenstein II. For those intrigued by a ninja third-person shooter or returning Warframe players, I will go into detail as to why this port is excellent.

Warframe 2


Warframe encourages players to scale walls, make rapid and repeating bounds across levels, have precise aiming, and much more. In addition to that, there are missions in the game that can have dozens of enemies bombarding the screen at one time. I’d imagine there would be a sizable amount of pressure on Panic Button to make the game run smooth enough to accommodate all Warframe content and satisfy both new and established players. Aside from resolution dips in open sandboxes and when things get really hectic in a full squad, the game runs at a steady 30 fps.


Warframe Cropped

It is common for Warframe players to juggle between using their melee weapon and rapidly switch to their gun midair, triggering slow motion and raining death upon the enemy. The feel of the game is one of its best assets, so not having a decent fps would essentially break the game. Coming from the PS4 version, I do not feel hindered. I’m able to do all the moves I’m used to and have added new techniques to my skillset that I hadn’t uncovered in the past.


While the Switch doesn’t have the latest patch for Warframe, everything else in the game up to that point is included. All the open sandboxes, all the story missions, all the weapons, all the modes, all the communication features, everything. To think that all of it could fit on the Switch is borderline insanity. Speaking of handheld…


Feel like playing on the TV one moment and then posting up in your bed in handheld mode the next? This version of Warframe delivers. Both modes of play look and play well. In my personal experience, playing in docked mode does provide a bit of a resolution bump, but that is to be an expected trade-off for the ability to play the game in handheld. I actually have poured the majority of my time in the game so far in handheld mode and performed on par if not better than the players in my squad.

Warframe is a free-to-play game. To begin playing on the Switch, you don’t need a Nintendo Online Subscription, just 13 GB of free space. The developers of Warframe are great to their community and everything in the game besides certain cosmetics can be unlocked by just playing the game and having patience. Have you played Warframe or will you be giving it a go on the Switch anytime soon? Let’s talk about the Warframe Switch port in the comments!




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