What’s CyberConnect2 Up To?

CyberConnect2’s (CC2’s) activities have stayed hush-hush for quite some time now. Famous for bringing gamers the .hack and Naruto Storm games, the developers have yet to unveil their next big project. As many of you may know, they were assisting Square Enix with the development of Final Fantasy 7 Remake before being removed from the project. CyberConnect2’s plans were presented on their official YouTube channel back in February by their president Hiroshi Matsuyama. He was frank with the company’s development expectations. He stated that previously, developers would experience working on up to 10 games in their twenties. Developing a big budget game now would see the same developers working on only two or three games in the same time frame. That said, here are the big takeaways from CC2’s plan:


CC2 is comprised of three studios. Their headquarters is in Fukouka where they have the bulk of their employees. They also have a Tokyo branch whose big purpose is to secure relationships in the anime and manga industry, and a Montreal branch that contains the most talented employees; they will improve the development process of the Japanese studios. Everyone will work together on every single project; no one studio will be off in a corner working on their own thing.


Big titles are being worked on by CC2. We currently do not know what they are, but they are a core part of what CC2 has in store. CC2 plans to expand to 300+ employees; each big title will preoccupy one-third of the staff.


CC2 released much more details about the smaller projects they have in store. There were three titles that were revealed referred to as the “Trilogy of Vengeance.” The first is named “Fuga,” a strategy RPG in which “11 children command a tank.” It is going to be a battlefield story, so expect to get hit in the feels. The next game is called “Tokyo Ogre Gate.” It is set in Japan and will contain high-speed swordplay and parkour. The last is called “Cecile.” This will be an action game about four gothic lolita themed sisters that are hellbent on ripping out each other’s hearts. Pretty intense. Each entry in the trilogy will need one to one and a half years of development time, so I expect them to begin rolling out sometime in 2019.

CC2 also plans to do animation, which will certainly be a treat judging from the cutscenes in their past games. They are currently collaborating on a kickstarted project called “MECHA UDE” that has some promotional material up already.

I am plenty excited for whatever CyberConnect2 is cooking up. What has been your experience with the games developed by CyberConnect2? What next big game would you like to see out of them? Let’s talk about it in the comments!



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