The Backlog: Greatness Rediscovered

After years and years of keeping up with games media and purchasing games that entice me the most, I’m left with many games that I have not seen through to the end. Here are seven older yet quality games that are next in my queue:


Titanfall 2 is an awesome game in every sense of the word. When all my friends were playing CoD: Infinite Warfare, I decided to pick up this game, a game I felt was much more deserving of my support. Unlike Call of Duty, you pay the price of admission for Titanfall 2 and you get the full package. You play as a pilot who also has a titan (a gigantic war robot) that accompanies him/her. The game is fast paced at its core, but there are different loadouts to help customize your playstyle. Oh, and your titan can wield a sword, A FREAKING SWORD!

The part of Titanfall 2 that I neglected was the story mode. The bond between the main character and titan is a fun ride. Revisiting it recently, I can tell going through the last half of the story will be an absolute joy. If you’ve never picked up this game, it is on sale for dirt cheap constantly even though it is more than worth its original $60 price tag.


Jak 3

The Jak & Daxter Trilogy is what I like to think of as a versatile game. It is easy to invest yourself in the story that can last around 10 hours or more, and for the end game, you can slap on some music or a podcast and barrel through collecting all the precursor orbs and completing the side missions, both of which are perfectly challenging. It scratches virtually every gaming itch. I’m currently working on the Jak II platinum and still need to play Jak 3, the first time I will do so since the PS2 era; I can’t wait!



This is a great game to get dopamine firing from completing levels and chilling out to a podcast or some good music. This is as video gamey as a video game can get, and it is marvelous. Timing your jumps, spins, and slides require skill. The carrot at the end of the stick nature of Crash is real and worthy of a go especially if you’re into platformers.



My goal is to complete this game before Valkyria Chronicles 4 comes out. What a unique game this is. It is a turn-based game, but each encounter takes place in an extensive battlefield where you hand pick and control each character on your team. You must be strategic with your limited movement and in choosing which unit to move to provide maximum dps and health conservation. The story is mostly given through animated panels that are handled with the utmost care. This game is at the top of the list.


I am not a Metal Gear buff by any means, but I HAD to pick up this game when it released on last gen’s consoles. The swordplay is unparalleled. You are slicing through dudes, finessing your katana with your feet, snatching the insides of robots to heal yourself; there is nothing like it. Even though I am not going to understand the full context of the game, the gameplay will certainly carry me through to the end.



I am hyped through the roof for the next installment of Beyond Good & Evil. However, while I did play the original, I cannot for the life of me recall any major story points. The game was excellent, so revisiting it will be a joy and serve as a great primer for BG&E 2. Jade is likable character and so is her Uncle Peyj. I also remember loving the photography mechanics. Being fresh on the game once again will feel very rewarding.


Tales croppe

I picked this one up on a sale on the PS Store some time back. I did a little research on the series, and this one always came up as one of the best in the series. I played a couple of hours into it and got a small impression on how the game plays. However, it’s been a while, so I’m thinking I’ll just start the game over again. I like the action-based combat and the animated panel storytelling and cutscenes. All that is left is to get invested in the story, which I’m sure won’t be a problem.

These are many of the games that will be occupying my time for quite a while. What games are you planning to revisit? Let us discuss in the comments!


IMAGES BY Respawn, Naughty Dog, Vicarious Visions, Sega, Ubisoft, and Bandai Namco;;;;;

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