Boruto: Comparing the New & Old Konoha 11 (Spoilers)

If you’ve ever immersed yourself into Naruto, you’ve probably heard the term Konoha 11 tossed around. For those who don’t know, the Konoha 11 are the main characters of the series. They are divided into teams, which consist of three ninja and one teacher/sensei. The Konoha 11 are established in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc consisting of Naruto, Sakura (Team Kakashi), Shino, Kiba, Hinata (Team Kurenai), Choji, Ino, Shikamaru (Team Asuma), and Lee, Tenten, Neji (Team Guy).

While people are bound to be attached to the original Konoha 11 due to the tremendous amount of material we’ve experienced through Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, the new Konoha 11 haven’t gotten much screen time outside of Team Konohamaru. We will focus on the new Konoha 11 and evaluate how they stack up against the original.


New team 7


Despite how the manga and anime have lead fans to dislike Boruto because of the disrespect he’s shown Naruto, Boruto is very much Naruto’s son. Boruto is caring, brave, makes friends with practically everybody, and is a clown from time to time. The few things that are different between them is most likely Naruto’s superior work ethic and Boruto’s superior intelligence. The Boruto manga is rolling deep into the Kara threat and the anime is finishing the movie material. We are going to get fantastic character development, Naruto’s high chakra reserves, Sasuke’s techniques and a special eye dojutsu all wrapped up into Boruto. I can’t wait to see how it pans out.


Despite Sarada having the sharingan, lightning release, and excellent shuriken skills, she resembles Sakura more than Sasuke. Sasuke has a cold aura around him, leaving little room for light-heartedness or jokes. Sarada, on the other hand, is focused on her priorities, but also chastises her teammates (mainly Boruto), has a wider range of emotions, and constantly displays her wicked strength, much like Sakura. When Boruto and Sarada work together, it is reminiscent of Naruto and Sakura teaming up in Shippuden.


Mitsuki and Sai are the oddballs of the group. Mitsuki speaks matter-of-factly and takes care of business just like Sai. However, rather than his quirk being devoid of emotions, Mitsuki is infatuated with Boruto as Boruto is his “Sun”. Hopefully, we are presented with what all that means sometime in the near future.


This one is a given. Both are brimming with energy, loud, and talented in taijutsu. However, Metal Lee comes with the personality trait of being abnormally shy. Also, it has not been clarified if Metal can perform ninjutsu or not. That could take him leagues above Rock Lee.


Iwabe is not like Kiba based on abilities, but in attitude. Kiba has an abrasive attitude willing to get into a scrap over the smallest of differences. Iwabe is a bit more laid back, but does not hesitate to scrap when someone ticks him off or his friends are in trouble. Iwabe also appears to better hold his own in a battle.


Denki has high intellect, but his ninja skills are yet to be demonstrated. He is assumed to be among the weakest in the new Konoha 11 in terms of fighting capability. There wasn’t a character in the original like him, so it’s exciting to see a new character archetype fit in with the rest.


This is the most resemblance of a new age ninja to the original in the entire show. Calm, cool, not a fan of expelling any unnecessary effort, Shikadai is arguably the most consistent ninja of the new generation. He finds weaknesses and is a capable taijutsu, shurikenjutsu and shadow jutsu user. He will accomplish some great feats in Boruto; some of it already being on display in the Byakuya Gang anime arc.


Chocho is like her father, but offers more humor and femininity in contrast. She was an enjoyable character in the Shin Uchiha Arc and acknowledges her supposed irresistability, much to the amusement of the viewer. She is witty and does not mind breaking out her expansion jutsu to do some damage. Like other characters, she hasn’t done anything noteworthy in comparison to her counterpart, but Boruto is still in its infancy.


Categorizing Inojin has either Sai or Ino would be inaccurate. In terms of fighting, Inojin is comparable to his father. However, his personality is a combination of both. After Sai hung around Team Kakashi for a bit, he became likeable. Likable Sai and Ino’s sass combine to make up much of Inojin’s character. He was insufferably pompous in the beginning, but he mellowed out to be a character that positively adds to the new Konoha 11.


Sumire is an interesting case. First instinct points to a comparison with Hinata. Both were trained at a young age by their respective families, However, Sumire endangered the entire Leaf Village by summoning Nue, something Hinata never came remotely close to doing. Now that she does not have that baggage with her anymore, her amicable personality and romantic interest in Boruto take center stage.


Wasabi has a fighting style and personality like Kiba. She has cat-like abilities as opposed to Kiba’s dog-like abilities, but their impact on the battlefield is comparable. A cool thing about Wasabi is her ability to use scrolls. She speaks her mind and is stubborn, much like Kiba.


Namida is a special case like Denki. All the original Konoha 11 had some level of will to engage in combat. Namida does not show this characteristic as of now. Her ability to incapacitate others through screeching is not a cool ability in itself, and she is too reliant on others for her to be useful in a combat situation. She is the one character in need of character development to validate her place in the new Konoha 11.

Those are all the main genin in Boruto compared to their predecessors. The original Konoha 11 felt more combat ready than the fledgling ninja presented in Boruto. Considering Boruto takes place in a time of peace, it would make sense that not all shinobi would prioritize combat; gathering intelligence and providing support can be just as important. What are your opinions of the new Konoha 11? Are you looking forward to seeing their characters develop? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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