Changes and Additions to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has rekindled my interest in the series after last year’s AC Origins due to the male and female assassin option and its more playful tone. After looking through Ubisoft’s presentation of AC Odyssey and theRadBrad’s Early Walkthrough gameplays ( out of pure hype, here are the most notable changes I came across.


The weapons are like what they were in AC Origins. However, there is no longer a shield and you wield the Blade of Leonidas. As a descendant of Leonidas, it’s basically your super weapon. The dodging functions differently as well. Like AC Unity, you can dodge at will rather than having to strafe beforehand. The back handspring is possibly the most interesting animation change to the characters core move set.


In Odyssey, you will be able to map active abilities to be used during combat. You’ll be able to have eight mapped abilities at once using the left bumper or trigger + a face button to use them; four abilities will be ranged and four will be melee. Abilities include a shield disarm, flaming weapons, and arrow multi-shot.




Ubisoft is combining my two loves–Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect–in this regard. Just like Mass Effect, the player is able to choose how they would like to respond at story-driven points of the game. They can be small, such as whether to joke or to be straight forward, or large enough to affect the ending of the game. Players also have romance options, a first for the series.


Throughout the world, you will come across loot labeled engravings. Engravings are used to modify your weapons and armor with bonuses that suit your play style. Some examples for weapons include percent warrior/assassin/hunter damage, percent adrenaline per hit and percent damage with sword and daggers.


Whether you choose to play as Alexios or Kassandra, you are a Spartan mercenary. In the demo shown, you accept a plea from a resistance group to help overthrow oppressive Athenian rule on Delos Islands. Love interests develop, and the Athenian army is crippled little by little through a series of missions. I can’t wait to see where else the game takes us upon its full release.


Ubisoft has introduced a new mission type in AC Odyssey, conquest. In it, you charge onto a battlefield with one faction pitted against the other in a chaotic struggle for victory. There are two bars side by side at the top of the screen representing the health of the ally and enemy troops. Your job is to dispatch troops and high-ranking officers as you help your side come out with a victory. The animations could use some work to make the fighting appear more varied between each individual struggle, but it is still quite immersive.


A small addition is the ability for enemies to heal. Also, as a AC fan who skipped Origins, notable changes are the removal of controlled descent from AC Unity/Syndicate and a limp whenever you jump down from an unreasonably high distance up. Small nitpicks I have with AC odyssey currently are animation stiffness, jarring cuts during the cutscenes, poor lip sync and some fps problems. However, those are purely technical problems that can be ironed out.

The game is shaping up to be a good (hopefully stellar) entry in the AC series. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will release on October 5th.

Images by Ubisoft

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