Introducing Pure Third Person Perspective: A Vision for a Future Metroid Installment

Countless Metroid fans were bummed about not hearing any Metroid Prime 4 news at E3. To quell fans’ hunger for anything Metroid, I present to you my vision of a third person Metroid game.


Imagine the camera being positioned similarly to Playstation’s recent exclusives such as God of War or Horizon. Barring moments presented in Metroid Other M’s 2.5D approach, this would be uncharted territory for the series. There are a couple immediate benefits I could think of that would make the third person camera perspective great:

  • Ability to see Samus: In the traditional 2D Metroid games, players can see Samus 100% of the time. While the Prime games add a nice gameplay feel by placing the player behind Samus’s helmet, we are distanced from her athleticism, the full effect of her flinch when she takes damage, and the aesthetic beauty of her armor. Making the next game purely third person with great graphics would be a sight to behold.
  • Suit Damage: Rather than Samus’s low health being presented by incessant beeping and the inevitable death cutscene, we can see the wear and tear and distress through her damaged suit and changing posture. We know Samus is an elite soldier, but even elite soldiers don’t fight the same way they do when at 100% health. The developers have a golden opportunity to evoke a heightened sense of emotion toward Samus’s character.


The closest we ever got to Samus scrapping was in Other M with a handful of charged finishing moves. Instead of highlighting Samus’s offensive abilities, I believe it best to let her beam take care of offense and place an emphasis on her defense. Allow the enemies to grab a hold of her and include counter moves. Some examples would be a humanoid enemy grabbing a hold of Samus’s cannon and her counter move being an elbow followed by a kick to create distance, or flying creatures overwhelming Samus which would force you to take a Dragonball-esque power up stance, activating a power suit shock blast. Those kinds of additions would be cool to see happening in real time.


Metroid is known for its desolate feel. However, that does not mean small chunks of the game can’t take place in civilization. This will give precedence for Samus to take off her power suit and take on a more pedestrian role. These portions of the game would be great for gaining intel and convincing allies, among other things. Having this play out in a futuristic looking city with Samus in a third person view is the epitome of immersion.


Introducing uses for the grapple beam other than reaching previously inaccessible locations or snatching off armor would be a nice addition. Some ideas include bringing down debris on enemies. Restraining an enemy while using your beam cannon to take care of the fodder, incapacitation by electric shock through the grapple beam, pulling enemies to ground level, etc. The grapple beam certainly has untapped potential.


Bombs are typically used to get to specific places, defeat certain enemies, and solve puzzles. It would be awesome if you were encouraged to use bombs more frequently or as a trap that could be remotely detonated. This would add combat variety, an area that the series could definitely improve upon.


2002’s Metroid Fusion takes place the latest in the Metroid timeline, so it is about time for a sequel. Shout out to Game Architects on YouTube for jogging my memory on the lore and loose ends of Metroid. Here’s the link to the channel: What will the Galactic Federation do with Samus now that she eliminated the X parasites against their orders? Who will be the next big threat? These are tough questions that can only be rightfully answered by those who’ve had a creative hand in the Metroid games for years and years, and boy, I cannot wait.

These are my ideas for a third person Metroid game. What do you agree or disagree with? What are your wishes/ideas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Image by Retro Studios

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