Four Underrated Chris Brown Songs/Renditions Every R&B Lover Should Hear

Chris Brown is a controversial music artist, to say the least. Through it all, he has remained one of the most recognizable names in modern hip-hop and R&B. Here are some of Chris’s R&B songs over the years that have been particularly great.

3. Song: See You Around; Album: X

This song starts off unconventionally in comparison to Brown’s other works. The beginning verse hits hard as do the subsequent verses. The chorus is easily the weakest part of the song but does well in providing a sense of escalation. The lyrics come through very clear; they are guaranteed to strike a chord with you whether or not you’ve experienced heartbreak before.

2. Song: Matter; Album: Before The Party Mixtape

It is a shame this song never saw a release on one of his official albums. Matter sets a sad tone right off the bat. Like See You Around, this song also has lyrics that come through the song excellently. However, this song uses more concise sentences, getting to the point less elegantly, but more frequently. Chris’s intonations in delivering the second verse warrants another listen on its own. The sheer emotion on display is commendable.

1. Song: Life Itself; Album: In My Zone Mixtape

This song by Chris Brown in collaboration with Kevin McCall is one of my favorite R&B songs of all time. The piano gives a personal touch with Chris Brown’s vocals stealing the show. Minimal autotune is present and the transition between McCall’s chorus into Brown’s verses is super smooth. This song is not just an R&B song, it is a ballad that is sure to melt the heart of many.

Bonus: Try A Little Tenderness; Album: This Christmas Soundtrack

This Christmas released back in 2007 when Chris Brown was at the peak of stardom. The original song is by Otis Redding; however, Chris Brown puts his own twist on it in the movie. It is rare to get music nowadays showing off Chris Brown’s pure vocal talent aside from live shows, and this is arguably the best song that does just that.

These are the four songs you’ve probably overlooked if you are a Chris Brown fan or just a fan of R&B. Here’s to Chris releasing some great R&B songs in the future.

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