E3 Sony: 0 to 100 Real Quick!

Sony gave online viewers quite the scare when their conference began. The venue didn’t look up to snuff, Shawn Layden was going on about subjects unrelated to what we wanted to hear and immediately after, a man with a banjo came out and did a musical number for what seemed to be an eternity. After the stunning The Last of Us Part II showing, Sony switched to people at a desk, something one would associate with a pre or post show. They were stalling for time so the audience in attendance could go to the next venue. It was jarring and felt alienating to all the fans watching online. However, the fears were put to rest as Sony began to drop one bomb after another.

The Last of Us Part II is beautifully grotesque

The showing begins with Ellie at a gathering with a romantic interest of hers. After a scene lasting a couple of minutes, the presentation cuts to gameplay. Ellie is sneaking around witnessing appalling occurrences in this beautiful yet brutal world. Also, Ellie has become Joel levels of savage. She is cleaving skulls, shooting people point blank, slashing necks, the whole nine yards. This is the first game I’ve witnessed that has a next-gen feel through and through.

Ghost of Tsushima is also stunning

I must have watched the gameplay reveal about five times now. The landscape while traversing on horseback is absolutely breath taking. The combat is cool, but behind its flashiness, you can tell there is still some roughness to be ironed out. There are stealth elements, and you even get a grappling hook. This is arguably the best- looking samurai game to grace us ever.

Death Stranding is as chilling as ever

Some gameplay of Death Stranding was revealed! While there was no combat, the scope of the world was shown off as well has gameplay of the main character transporting some cargo. The monsters present in the previous trailer make a re-appearance as well as a new character. It seems these monsters can manipulate time of the things it touches. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the game, but new information is trickling out steadily.

Spider-Man is a sight to behold

Sony’s Spider-Man finale took everyone aback by how good it looked and played. There has been a jailbreak, and members of the Sinister Six are working to take down Spider-Man. More combat, web-slinging, and movement animations were shown off. The sheer production value came through everywhere from the combat to the cutscenes. A character reveal was teased at the end, but we are left to speculate. This game is a dream for all superhero fans, especially Spider-Man fans.

Sony also took the gaming community by storm by doing a proper reveal of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, announcing Remedy’s next game titled Control, and announcing NiOh 2.

These were all the big-hitters from Sony’s conference. While Xbox had a better show, Sony continues to have arguably best exclusive offerings of this generation. Nintendo’s will wrap up the E3 conferences shortly; let’s hope they have some reveals in the chamber that are sure to amaze.

Images by Insomniac Games & Naughty Dog



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