E3 Nintendo: Ridley In Smash Ultimate, New Mario Party

Nintendo wrapped up 2018’s E3 conferences this morning, and it was pretty decent. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the Direct.

Super Mario Party

The Switch is getting a full-fledged Mario Party game, which will put to full use the system’s unique features. From the footage, the game appears to be putting aside the Mario Party 10 mechanic where players were forced to move around the board together, a improvement in itself. Super Mario Party will be available in just a few months on October 5th.

Fortnite and Hollow Knight are available right now

The breakout hit Fortnite and the beloved 2D side-scroller Hollow Knight can be added to your collection of Nintendo Switch games today. Fortnite is free to download and Hollow Knight is priced at $15.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will include every character from previous entries

Worried Cloud, Ryu, or Bayonetta would not make it into the new Smash? Well, fear not. Nintendo confirms that all characters that have ever been playable in Smash will be in Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In addition to this, many improvements were made to the game from Smash Wii U. Make sure to catch them in the Nintendo Direct. Also, Inkling Boy/Girl and Daisy will be playable characters in Smash.

Ridley is the Newest Character to be in Smash

Capping off the conference was an amazing trailer showing Mario and Mega-Man getting snatched up by Ridley, leaving Samus to battle the beast on her own. This cuts to Ridley gameplay, showing off many of his moves. Sakurai and company did well adapting the character to fit in the game, although he is not as towering as he appears in the Metroid franchise.

Other high-profile announcements include Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC to release in September, a mech game titled Daemon x Machina to be released in 2019, and a trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the series’ console comeback. Unfortunately, there was no Metroid Prime 4 footage or an announcement of a new Animal Crossing. We will have to wait and see for those.


Image by Sora


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