E3: Xbox’s Capacity To Wow

Xbox is in prime position to elevate their brand. They have robust backward compatibility, Xbox Game Pass, and the most powerful console on their side. All they need is a game to knock everyone’s socks off.

Their bread and butter franchises, Halo and Gears of War, will not cut it unless they innovate upon those franchises drastically. The knockout punch would be something in the vain of Scalebound had it been more polished and actually saw the light of day. With battle royale captivating much of the competitive gamer crowd and Call of Duty continuing to be a franchise advertised on Sony’s stage, a new kind of AAA game from Microsoft is just what the doctor ordered.

Microsoft is venturing into genres outside of shooters. Cuphead is a critically acclaimed side-scroller, Sunset Overdrive is a great third-person action adventure game, and ReCore, although not the greatest, was a fun third-person platformer. Indies are also in the pipeline for Xbox with Ori and The Last Night.

We are mere hours away from the conference. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, says they will world premiere 15 games along with a slew of other reveals. Hopefully, the team over at Xbox has had enough time to make the necessary investments to bring some fresh new games to the console.

Image by Reagent Games


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