E3: EA Conference Recap + Score

EA’s Press Conference has come and gone. While not a banger, the event contained some interesting information. Here is a synopsis:


Battlefield V had high-budget trailers shown off with the story to be elaborated upon in Xbox’s press conference. There was also the announcement of a royale mode in the game, perpetuating the recent influx of battle royale offerings on the market.


  • Play FIFA 18 for free starting today for a limited time; the game also receives World Cup update
  • New Star Wars Battlefront II content
  • Respawn’s Star Wars game is titled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Announcement of Origin Access Premier which expands on the base Origin Access subscription
  • Announcement of a Command & Conquer mobile game


A sequel to Unravel Two was shown off and put on sale immediately after! You can purchase this game now for $19.99.


Berlin studio Jo-Mei Games announced Sea of Solitude, a game where a girl transforms into a monster due to loneliness and other negative emotions. The goal of the game is to turn her back into a human. The aesthetics and mood of the game are astounding; it’s a game to consider having on your radar.


Those at the head of Anthem were interviewed, giving the gaming community insight on customization, story, game mechanics, etc. It is a co-op third-person action game with a proposed meaty story. The gunplay and abilities looked solid. The flying was fluid. They revealed an additional class named Interceptor. Anthem is definitely showing promise.

The EA Press Conference teeters on average. Unravel Two and Sea of Solitude were nice surprises. Anthem was positioned to be the anchor. While it did not disappoint, it did not particularly wow either. The rest of the conference had interspersed announcements with typical E3 conference game trailers. There was a shout casted Command and Conquer mobile match and e-sports section that put a damper on the mood. Depending on the audience’s interest, the level of enjoyment will go slightly above or below. We have got much more E3 to go. Stay tuned!


Image by Bioware


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