E3: 5 Things About Anthem We Want Revealed

Coming off arguably the most disappointing game of last year (Mass Effect Andromeda) and numerous internal studio shifts, Bioware is pressed to make Anthem a hit. These are five things about Anthem yet to be revealed that will be sure to drive fans into a frenzy.



Bioware is known to create among the most engaging stories found in video games. There is no reason they cannot do the same with Anthem, especially with their main development team on the job. What’s up with the settlement we are in? And why must we go out into the wilderness hunting beasts? Some context during the EA Conference would be awesome.



So far, we have seen that we will be combating wild beasts. However, who is the big bad? Is there a human faction that will oppose us like Cerberus from Mass Effect? Enemy variety is the spice of life, especially in games that are co-op multiplayer driven as Anthem has presented itself to be.



What kind of abilities will be able to look forward to in the game? In the trailer from last year’s E3, we saw a ground pound and targeted rockets. The HUD is also set up like Mass Effect, with the abilities in the bottom center of the screen. Hopefully this year, we will not only see more ability icons, but also those abilities in action. Also, give us a bunch of melee options; melee would be fantastic.



The footage presented last year came off as highly scripted. The environment seemed vast, but just how vast is it? How well will they mask the invisible walls? The best-case scenario is Bioware going into detail about the game map during their showcase on stage, putting everyone at ease.



Bioware unveiled a balanced, brute and mystical hover class last year. We received reasonable gameplay snippets from the former two, but only a glimpse of the latter. If they show off more of the latter this year and/or reveal a new class, then they will satiate a lot of curiosity surrounding the game. I imagine Bioware would prefer to slowly roll out classes as reveals leading up to Anthem’s release in 2019.


There you have it. Five big things yet to be revealed about Anthem that the gaming community is sure to love. Make sure to tune in at 11 AM PST to be the first to know!



Image by Bioware


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