E3: Ghost of Tsushima Is Poised To Amaze

Opening the Paris Games Week Sony presentation back in October, Ghost of Tsushima was a tremendous surprise. A game set in Japan? Where you can be a samurai? And it’s being made by SUCKER PUNCH?! The game could not come at a better time as demand rises for a new Onimusha or Tenchu entry. With their pedigree and creative freedom, Sucker Punch is poised to deliver something truly special.

Over the years, Sucker Punch’s latest creation, InFamous Second Son, has not retained high regard. Although jaw-droppingly beautiful, the game had an average story at best, diminishing the emotional impact of the Karma system. Judging from Ghost of Tsushima’s reveal trailer, they are nailing both the mood and aesthetics of an invaded Tsushima in 1274 Japan, positioning the game to have a moving narrative.

In an interview with creative director Nate Fox and creative/art director Jason Connell conducted by PlayStation, Connell mentions that the studio presented about 70 different ideas for what their next project should be. Ghost of Tsushima was the result. They believe gamers are unanimously enthusiastic to take on the role of a samurai in a stealth action adventure game and plan to heighten this enthusiasm by focusing on what it is to be a samurai.

Another one of their main goals is to create a world with locales and people that organically stray you away from the main quest. Usage of waypoints will be kept to a minimum, encouraging players to go out and explore. Seattle in Second Son was a sight to behold; it’s only logical that they can make Tsushima even more breath-taking.

The only reservations I have concern the sword combat as well as the fluidity of transportation while on horseback. Hopefully, all will be clear at Sony’s E3 conference Monday evening as Sucker Punch displays their creative prowess.



Image by Sucker Punch Productions


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